Parent and Alumni Reviews

  • Holmesburg Christian Academy is a great school! My nephews both attended this school and loved it. They’re all about the students. The teachers are selfless and loving. Always putting the students first. I’ll recommend HCA to all those who will like a Christian foundation for their children while receiving a great education.

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    Krystal Martinez
  • Great place and excellent school my daughter n now my granddaughter attend the school

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    Megan Campbell Capecci
  • HCA is a school that combines High Academic Standards with a family atmosphere. The love of God can be strongly felt in each classroom, conversation, and relationship! It is a great place to serve the Lord and be taught by Him!

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    Joy Valletto
  • My son been going here for a couple years now and i love this school. My son learns so much and hes advancing over kids in other schools who are in higher grades..

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    Toni Caserta
  • The Johnson Family certainly recommends HCA. Though our son was Blessed to have been given a Christian based education since Kindergarten, we withdrew him from his original Christian School due to unforeseen circumstances. We were so nervous, but asked God to direct us to where He thought our son should be, and so He did🙌 We chose to enroll him into HCA for his 8th grade/ final middle school year. We are pleased to say that HCA welcomed our son with opened arms. During the 8th grade graduation ceremony, a slide show was displayed. We loved how even though our son wouldn't have had younger photos to display, HCA included photos which were taken of him, and his classmates during the school year♥️
    My husband and I were pleased that the academic curriculum was on target with the 8th grade level, and slightly above in math. The teachers were caring, they taught their subjects well. We were also pleased that though our son did have homework, the amount was not too overbearing; taking away from our family time each night👍Our son enjoyed participating in the yearly production play! He has gained awesome friends this year! He did well academically!
    If you're looking for an awesome school, choose HCA! You will be pleased😀Holmesburg Christian Academy is more than just a Christian School...HCA is like family♥️

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    Coretha Johnson
  • I am the mother of two amazing daughters. who learned so much. once she arrived her new journey in high school. in the beginning it was a huge change but academic wise and her bright spirit!😀 she did EXCELLENT ! THANK YOU TO all the great teachers. Briana Young
    and Naomie Young,,😍

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    Viviana Young
  • It is a great school and has been a wonderful blessing to see both my niece and nephew graduate. May you continue to bless others.

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    Elaine Simeti
  • excellent private Christian school. the kids learn about Christ as well as reading, writing, and arithmetic.

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    Cliff Kilbride
  • Extremely diverse school. Very family oriented. All staff at HCA are genuine, caring and pleasant.

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    Milissa Dillow Santos
  • I am glad that my grandson , Jayden go to this school
    It seem to be the perfect school to attend, the staff,
    And the students are so nice, and respectful.
    I never knew the school exist, but I was their for grandparents day, and it was a very nice, an pleasant
    Place to be.

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    Tut Tut


We approach every subject from a biblical worldview, knowing Christ is not only the architect, but also the Redeemer, of all we study. Because all truth is God's truth, we encourage and expect creative and critical thinking at every grade level.

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Student Life

We provide avenues for our students to grow in faith, develop their gifts, and form friendships along the way. Various extra-curricular opportunities enrich the academic experience, giving students outlets to suit their individual interests.

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Our 5th-8th grade athletic program serves as an integral part of our education program. Sport and competition is an opportunity to grow in self-discipline, teamwork, leadership, and integrity, not to mention it's just good fun and good for you!

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We welcome qualified applicants without regard to race, gender, or ethnicity. We seek students who are motivated and enthusiastic about learning, and who will contribute to and benefit from the stimulating academic environment offered here.

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Our Mission

HCA exists to challenge and prepare a diverse family of learners to make a positive impact in our ever-changing world by growing their faith through academic, spiritual, and social experiences that integrate creative thinking and a Biblical worldview, all for the glory of God.