“Big Thinking. Small School.”

For 40 years, HCA has been working alongside the families and churches of northeast Philadelphia to equip children with a robust and holistic foundation for Life.


We approach every subject from a biblical worldview, knowing Christ is not only the architect, but also the Redeemer, of all we study. Because all truth is God's truth, we encourage and expect creative and critical thinking at every grade level.

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Student Life

We provide avenues for our students to grow in faith, to discover and develop their gifts, and to form friendships along the way. Various extra-curricular opportunities enrich the academic experience, giving students outlets to suit their individual interests.

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Our 5th-8th grade athletic program serves as an integral part of our education program. Sport and competition is an opportunity to grow in self-discipline, teamwork, leadership, and integrity, not to mention it's just good fun and good for you!

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We welcome qualified applicants without regard to race, gender, or ethnicity. We seek students who are motivated and enthusiastic about learning, and who will contribute to and benefit from the stimulating academic environment offered here.

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