Christian Special Education Fund

Serving children and families with special needs is challenging. Even more so in the environment of a small Christian school with very limited resources. We have taken the initial steps to serve children with mild learning disabilities by developing The Learning Center at Holmesburg Christian Academy. Special education teacher Mrs. Beth Daka is able to work part-time with children one-on-one and in small groups, within their classes and in special pull-out sessions, to provide the academic support necessary for these students to succeed. In addition, state funds do provide some reading and math support for elementary students.

Even with this solid beginning, we turn away so many students because of their emotional struggles or intellectual disability. We are unable to love these children in Christ’s name because we simply do not have the resources. If we do not ask, we will not receive. We long to serve a wider range of Christian families, including all of their children in our loving, Christ-seeking community, instead of pushing kids into Philadelphia public schools where very little is expected of them, and very often, no success is the result.

The HCA Christian Special Education Fund will be used to expand our services to special needs students and families.

For more info, see our Giving Prospectus and Opportunities for Giving.

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